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Dental Emergency - Toothache


Dental Emergency – Toothache

A toothache is one of the most common complaints when people visit their dentist. Toothaches are more common during the night, and they come at inconvenient times: right before bedtime, after lunch or dinner, or in the middle of the night. Many people suffer from a toothache for weeks at a time and do not know why it keeps coming back. A toothache is the result of inflammation of a tooth’s nerve, which is in close proximity to the pulp. An infected toothbrush is the number one cause of a toothache, but sometimes a toothache is the result of an underlying medical condition causing bacteria to infect the nerve root of a tooth.

A toothache is often described as a pain in or near the gum line. A toothache is often accompanied by tenderness or swelling in the cheek or other facial muscles. A toothache can come on quickly, last for a few minutes, go away, and then return. A toothache is the result of the sensitivity of the teeth and can range from a mild ache to a sharp, stabbing pain. People who have a good level of oral health are less likely to experience toothaches than those who do not.

A broken tooth is a very painful experience, but fortunately, it usually results in the tooth being replaced. A broken tooth may cause difficulty chewing and lead to teeth and gum damage if not taken care of properly. If you feel pain while eating or at other times, contact your dentist immediately. You may need to have a dental emergency tooth extraction if your broken tooth isn’t fixed properly.

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