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Toothache Causes & Remedies

Sensitivity to Temperature

Hot sensitivity may be of short duration or linger many seconds.  Short duration sensitivity often go away on their own.  Lingering sensitivity may indictate a problem that should be resolved by seeing a dentist.

Cold Sensitivity

Short duration:   These sensitive pangs are often caused by root exposure but may have other causes.  These sensitivities may resolve spontaneously but usually require professional intervention.

Long duration:  These sensitivities do not usually self-correct.  Visit your dentist.

 Sensitivity/Pain when Biting or Chewing

This is often associated with a cracked or fractured tooth.  However it may also occur with recently restored teeth. If the tooth is cracked or fractured, the tooth will need to be rebuilt.  This may be a restoration that is a filling or a crown .

If the tooth was recently restored, the surface of the new restoration may need to be adjusted.  Sometimes even the slightest difference in the bite will create a stress point that can be easily adjusted at the dental office.

Can’t put your teeth together without pain/ Sensitivity to any form of pressure?

This usually indicates a serious dental problem.  Prescribed medication can temporarily relieve the pain but you must see your dentist.

 Swelling or a Bubble on the gums?

Swelling seen in the mouth or externally (face, cheek, neck) usually means there is an infection.  Prescription medication will help alleviate the pain.  To resolve the problem you will need to see the dentist to treat the tooth that has the infection.  Even if the medication has taken the pain away that does not mean that the infection has disappeared.  Without treatment usually the pain returns.

 Can’t Sleep or Wakes you up?

This situation has multiple causes and you must see your dentist to resolve the problem.

Something is really stuck between your teeth

Every so often something gets stuck between your teeth. Even after flossing and  flossing, you can still feel something stuck.   The smallest pieces can feel very irritating.  At this point you may be thinking of trying to get at the problem with a sharp object.  That is not a good idea. Contact your dentist. This is definitely not a DIY project. Your dentist will have proper tools that will safely open up the contacts between your teeth and remove the foreign objects.

Use your teeth only for food not as a bottle opener.

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