What to expect when you have a dental emergency appointment


To diagnose the problem, the dentist will need to do an exam and probably one to two xrays. Then he/she will be able to tell you what has to be done.

A common pain that often occurs is when there is an infection that has affected the root of the tooth. This is when you may require a root canal treatment. If left unattended, the infection may have invaded into the tissues around the tooth. It may not be possible to treat the tooth that day and you will be prescribed an antibiotic and maybe a painkiller until your next visit. In some cases the pain does not ease immediately and seem to persist. Antibiotic does take 48 hours or two days to take effect. Take the recommended painkiller or an extra strength Tylenol.

If the dentist feels that the tooth can be treated the same day, he/she will do so and relieve your pain.